AutoCAD: Back in Mac

Soon you'll be able to run AutoCAD on a Mac and even an iPhone and iPad. This is supposedly so designs can be changed "in the field." I'd like to see a real AutoCAD user modify something on an iPhone. I'm sure that's very effective.
I can tell you exactly how this is going to go down by the tweet I just read when I tried to google for more information: AutoCAD on mac? great now will have to ask my dad to teach me the program. A bunch of 15 year old mac fanbabies have no f-ing clue what this program does and think it's in their best interest to learn it. For what purpose? Who knows. They do know you don't use AutoCAD to make wallpapers, youtube videos, or ipod songs right? That you need to actually design something not just poach lazily off other people's work like some Adobe-lite program? This is not Elements, get back in the kiddie pool. To all you real CAD users out there who for whatever ridiculous reason use a mac; welcome back.

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  1. Anonymous15:23

    Used a mac since 1993...never looked back. :-)