Snails for Science

I just love this story from the BBC, grandmother/gardener wins amateur scientist contest by proving that snails have a homing instinct.

Some scientists had felt snails might be too simple for a proper homing instinct. The contest from BBC Radio 4 was for amateurs to develop their own scientific experiment and carry out. Some of the runners up were rather impressive as well. From an American perspective, it's almost disappointing we don't have something this clever. The fact that some possibly obscure program on the BBC invites this level of scientific creativity shows how the UK values science education. I keep hoping something will inspire this kind of scientific interest here. You'd think with the recession, and numerous articles extolling the need for more scientists and engineers, that there would be a public push or such things. But for now at least we have learned a little more about snails, and maybe will learn some more as this experiment inspires further study.

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