What else is biofuel good for?

Seems like everyone is getting in on the energy from algae phenomenon. Which is great, because I know some people with a pool who know how easy that stuff grows and are ready for all you venture capitalists to make them millionaires.
Given how "hot" this whole "green jobs" and sustainability BS is, it's no surprise there's now algae in my "healthy" drinks (enough quotes for you?). Not just any algae, but blue green algae. I guess like yellow dye that differentiates it from any other kinds of ridiculous colors of algae I don't want in my drink. Along with odorless garlic. Which is good, because I want my breath to smell like algae, ok? Not garlic.
Algae is the new biofuel of the future. So much so that bio-orgs like myself (borgs?) can consume it and be trendy in both a health way and a saving the environment way.

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