Words of Wisdom

More from my book, Games Mother Never Taught You. There's just too much good stuff in this book I don't think I'll be able to parse it out in coherent posts. So here's a hodge podge of it thrown together (and a shoe, how 'bout that!)

On education, take advantage of company paid education subsidies: "I saved the company money by education myself, they'll appreciate that." Sure they will if you are a secretary, a library assistant, or a keyhole puncher; indeed, they will demand that you bring rudimentary skills which they can easier restructure than teach from scratch...You didn't forget you're in the army, did you? The lieutenant doesn't further decide what education he needs to become a general; the general determines what supplementary knowledge will benefit future generals...The coach, not the player, dictates the form and duration of the training.

On asking for money. Always ask fora raise when things are in your favor. Move fast when your star is ascendant because the whole situation could change tomorrow. Act: when results come in on a successful business project; when your workload is high and you are producing visibly more than teammates; whenever you are asked to take over for an absent or vacant position and the boss needs you and your output...You can anticipate your boss's countermove which is almost automatic, it's used so often: "Let's see how things go for the rest of the year and we'll talk about it again; I've certainly got you in mind." "In mind" isn't money in your pocket; these delaying tactics and procrastinations are classic bluffs from the mangement player. The expert gamester doesn't fall for hte bluff but suggests that now is much better than later-- who knows what later will bring?

The two of you are batting a badminton birdie back and forth. In other words, a boss's countermove is not a rejection; it's part of the game, to see who outplays whom.

Something I have to keep in mind as I always hear delaying tactics and think it's a rejection. Now I know it's just part of the game, that my boss is trying to quiet me, his new squeaky wheel. But the quiet, patient people will always get the short end of the stick. They will reward only those of us who whine, speak up for ourselves, and stand up for what we deserve.

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  1. On asking for a raise: Strike while the iron is hot.

    I've never specifically asked for a raise, but I have asked for what it takes to get a promotion. Same thing, just a more diplomatic approach.