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I often read about people doing things to stand out in this job market. Maybe printing your resume on special paper, maybe standing outside with a sandwich board. If you're in marketing or something like that then having a "personal brand" might be very important to you. I don't usually hear about engineers thinking too much outside the box.
Somebody who interviewed here used a "portfolio". It had photos and brief descriptions of a number of projects they had worked on. It even started with photos of the legos they had build as a kid (and I don't mean lego mindstorms). Then photos of the college engineering organization they supposedly headed and the project they had worked on. After that photos of projects they had done at their full time workplaces. They were about 8-10 years out of school at this point. One person who interviewed them thought it was helpful (and not cheesey) because it painted a picture of what that person had done. I didn't hear from anyone else.
What does everyone else think? Portfolio for an engineer, useful or not? Any other crazy tactics going on now?

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