Twelve Months of Blogging

This meme is going around now, posting the title and first sentence of the first blog post of every month. 2010 was the first full year of my blogging. So here it goes.
Happy New Year
Another year and we're still around. [Link]
Zombie Defense Programs
I remember when Democrats became the majorities of Congress in 2006. [Link]
First Day on the Job
So if you hadn't heard, the new Tinkerbelle resembles her name; she's a tinkerer. [Link]
The rumors have been greatly exaggerated...
Another soldier has joined the war to answer the eternal question, why do women leave science? [Link]
It all makes sense now
Definitely go read this beer-laden explanation of market derivatives over at Pascale's. [Link]
[Engineering design process diagram] [Link]
Textbook Mafia Wars
My Control Theory I Professor just saved me $160.00. [Link]
Save the failwhales
I love how banks and utility companies ask you to get your statements via email instead of paper so that you can "go green" or "save paper." [Link]
Oh is that all
A University of Michigan researcher, John DeCicco, says we can triple our fuel economy in 25 years. [Link]
Caffeinated News
A new study says that healthcare professionals are some of the people who rely the most on coffee. [Link]
Job Hunting
You know the economy is bad when people are ok with working in "hole in the wall." [Link]
December 1st: World AIDs Day
For personal reasons the plight of AIDs victims, both locally and worldwide, means a lot to me. [Link]
Anyways, it's been a great year and if you've been reading here I really appreciate it. Looking forward to another year, new topics, and hopefully some new perspectives. Thanks for stopping by.

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