Now they get their own button?

Anyone stopped by Technorati lately?
What's this all about? A whole button for women bloggers and women's issues? A whole month is just never enough for these people is it.

Actually, I can't decide whether this is a cool thing, or gimicky, or patronizing...I mean it's better than Science Cheerleaders, but where is it in the spectrum? All good? Do I like them featuring women bloggers in the same way I expect to see women speakers at tech conferences? Or does it seem like an effort to save face without actually changing the way women are treated, like a corporate diversity program. If you have an opinion, tell me.

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  1. I like it. And I don't think its patronizing. I've read a couple studies talking about how women use the net, and blogging in particular, differently than men do. At least in the sciences, women are more likely to read other women's blogs regardless of their field of study, while men are more likely to read other blogs that are in particular fields of interest for them. Women are apparently using blogs for networking and support while men are using it to augment their interests. In that light, it makes sense to have a button for women because that may help women find stuff they're interested in: people to socialize and network with, regardless of blogging topic.