What dreams are made of

Here's a photo of the White House gingerbread house for no particular reason. This is a yearly tradition, but love the White House dog sitting in front (though not exactly to scale is it?)
I have dreamed about having to go back to high school ever since I left high school. Sometimes I have to go back to take a class I need for college, or sometimes I am back in band again and hoping I can still compete even though I've already graduated. Last night I believe I had my first ever college dream. Or college dream that I can remember. Just in time for me to graduate, even my dreams know I will be done soon and it's time to start dreaming about it.


  1. that's odd but still reassuring. you'll graduate.

    my dreams are weirder.. but maybe it's I've graduated and think it would all be like I thought nin college? I get those dreams now though... the dreams are what I thought I would be doing now - and it's not much right ;)

  2. and I didn't mean it in a bad way. listening to sleeping sun with Wishmaster which might make me a bit loopy? (Finnish band with opera singer...) hope you van sleep well in all the crazy.

  3. That sounds nice. Maybe some dreams are about sorting through the day but others let us take a different path or just have a moment.