First Day on the Job

So if you hadn't heard, the new Tinkerbelle resembles her name; she's a tinkerer. I had the opportunity to see the movie recently and enjoyed it as well as thinking it had some good parallels to the real world. So here it is, your first day on the job as an Engineer.

Meet your new coworkers. Not quiet like all the other fairies in the forest.

Good luck finding a smock that fits you.

Ignore the gaping look your coworkers give you whether you are or are not dressing in a feminine way. Or whether you wear a burka.

And meet Fairy Mary. Don't try to get any woman-to-woman bonding time with her, she's so hardened up and ruthless from her years with the boys she doesn't know how to sympathize. The crap she had to deal with in her heyday makes your day look like Candyland. She doesn't even want to identify as a woman because that brings crashing down all the things she's had to endure as a result. Thankfully she loves her job.


  1. Hah, I was the Fairy Mary of the High School drumline. Not quite as hardcore as engineering, but I had to deal with actual teenage boys. Basically it was like, "You're a girl..." and I was like, "Yes, deal with it." And they determined from that point on that I could kick anyone's ass (which obviously wasn't really true, but I guess if they had really offended me I would've left, and they certainly didn't want that). I remember feeling threatened by the second girl to join the drumline (Tory) because it jeopardized the balance that I had created as being almost "one of the guys."

  2. Ha, I liked the comment about the smock. My leaf smocks at work never fit :(