the wonders of technology

I'd like to know who it is that leaves the coffee pot encrusted with burnt coffee sitting in the sink filled with soapy water. I imagine my walking into the breakroom at the moment that person leaves it there to go something like this;
What are you doing?
Oh just filling this coffee pot with soapy water.
And then what are you going to do?
Oh just leave it here, let it soak.
Are you planning on coming back to it after you've "let it soak"?
Does soaking it clean it?
Is there some new technology I'm not aware of whereby soapy water spontaneously cleans things?
Well it just needs to be soaked.
Yeah okay, it's been soaked now, you can clean it.
Well I think it should be soaked a little more.
Do you have some religious faith in the power of soapy bubbles? Have you been watching too many cleaning commercials while you're high on mescaline?
I suspect that if I were to go into these people's homes I would find they just fill dishes with soapy water and then come back the next day only to see their faith has been rewarded. Much like the spontaneous generation theories of maggots magically appearing on meat these dishes just magically get washed. And lo and behold, it just happened again. The coffee pot spontaneously cleaned itself and coffee was made. If this doesn't restore people's faith (in Mr. Clean) I'm not sure what will.

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  1. LOL! This was fun to read!

    Now I know that I am really the Sudsy Fairy -- a magical being who ensures the cleanliness of all the dished left in the sink by all of my family.