How your company's stockroom is like a pharmacy

You show up with your prescription/request and stand at a little counter. A clerk takes your list without saying anything and then wanders off. Other clerks come by and make sure you don't find yourself wandering back where you're not supposed to be, eyeing you suspiciously.
You stare at walls and walls of pill containers/parts for what seems like too long. Other people come up behind you wondering what is taking you so freaking long and wonder what weird disease you have/how stupid you were for not ordering what you needed. Nobody talks to each other. At last the clerk comes back with what you hope to be your pills/parts. There is a hiccup of course, didn't you know your insurance doesn't cover this/we ran out of this part 15 minutes ago? But I need those pills/parts! The clerk looks at you uninterested and not caring that you were supposed to start these pills/making your part today if not yesterday, and that it's really the doctor's/your supervisor's fault for screwing up the prescription/the order. Is there somebody else who can- ...no? Can't you just call-. Well why does have it to be through your special system and in paper, can't you just call my doctor/supervisor? All right well, you have a nice day too. I guess.

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