C's Pass Classes

This graph demonstrates how I've reasoned out the minimum level of effort I can put forth to get a passing grade in my classes. The amount of effort required to get a B is much, much higher. As a person with a job, a husband, and a cat I'd like to see and spend time with I just can't convince myself to go beyond the C level of effort. Even when I try mind games or psyching myself out, it always comes back to that C.
In the "real world" here at Megacorp, that is no problem. My coworkers tell me stories of how harrowing were their days studying engineering and their grades abysmal. I nod and pretend I too spend hours and hours every week earning my C's, but the fact is I don't; I have it down to a precise level of minimum effort. In school I have to hear the students who have fairly high GPAs complaining about the difference between an A- and an A. Or for my mechatronics project my teammate turning down one of my ideas because it would "slow our robot down" and "we are being graded on time." I am certain if our robot works, performs the tasks, and doesn't move abominably slow he'll still be able to his A or B or whatever it is he's clamoring for. I've seen these things fail and not work. I'm not to the point where I'm thinking how fast we can make it, I'm thinking how we only have two weeks to get all this together which is basically two weeks or four days. I'm thinking I'd rather it work, and work reliably, than be the fastest in the class. Coming in last is still completing the competition, and I'm sure there will be failed bots along the way.
Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me that I lack the spark and excitement of these youths in their drive for perfection. I wonder if it's really the cold, hard corporate reality that's driven me to this or just a failure in who I am.

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