New Camera

It was time to replace my old camera so after a little bit of research I picked up this, the Nikon Coolpix L110. My old camera was cute and small and with 6 megapixels was probably plenty for what an amateur like me needed. But I wanted something heftier, something that would fill my hands and preferably do something about my infamous shakey hand. This thing has 15 megapixels, takes AA instead of me needing to charge a special battery, and has optical zoom which the old cheapo camera didn't have.

I haven't taken very many pictures yet, and I think it's still too early to say whether it will be better or not. The anti-shakey hand is definitely great, and I'm not running into that problem anymore. But there are a lot of settings and it's hard to tell if it's giving me better quality photos as yet. Time will tell! Here, via the old camera, it is in my hot little hand(s).


  1. Um...doesn't this camera only have 12 Mpixels? Not that Mpixels matter all that much these days. If you're concerned about camera shake, a lens with a wider aperture would probably serve you better. This one starts at f/3.5 and goes down from there as you zoom in.

  2. Right, 12mp. I don't know enough about cameras and you are right the difference in megapixels may not translate into a better camera, only time and
    Photos will tell for me.