2012 Mustang's Dials

Simple, elegant. Almost art deco. Interior lighting can make them blue and more modern looking if that's your thing.
Test drove an SS Camaro and a Mustang GT a few weeks back. More to come, but this camaro-lover really dug the Mustang's design style.

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  1. Oo! I love the look of older Camaros, but in the newer ones, I can hardly see over the dash. Not that I could possibly afford one... Mr.ME is very much a car guy, and it's starting to rub off.

    For dial design, I think the worst car is the Mini Cooper S, which requires you to turn your head to effectively look at the speedometer. This always struck me as either unsafe, or a great way to get tickets.

    I also object to any car that doesn't give me a tachometer: I don't care if it only comes with an automatic gear box, certain problems (like, say, a blown wiring harness) are much easier to diagnose with one.