Hello there old chap

How often do you use the phrase "good morning"? And how often do you use the phrases "good afternoon" or "good evening?" I say good morning or, alternatively, mornin' quite often. But good afternoon makes me feel like some old timey gentleman who's taking off his top hat and inviting you to tea and good evening makes me feel like that or like a Bond villain. Sure you might say these things on the phone occasionally, but how often do you say them in person? Discuss.


  1. Given that my personality is sort of an old timey gentleman taking off my top hat (actually, my Elizabethan riding hat...), somewhat frequently. It helps that most of my fellow grad students are not morning people, so the first time I'll see them in a day is often after noon.

  2. I really like the Good Afternoon :) That said, not using it too often... but yes, I feel old fashioned and very well mannered when I do :)

  3. Anonymous21:05

    Being that I prefer to sleep right through the morning, people are extremely lucky to even get a "hi" outta my zombie self before noon!

    I do say "good night" when I leave tho.

  4. I use Good morning/afternoon/evening the first time I see someone in a day, so most of my greetings are good morning, but a few good afternoons are peppered in there as well most days. Good evening tends to only come up in social situations, and I tend to add a schlocky B-Movie intonation when I answer the door with it. I also use Good (X) as my standard email greeting for external emails (for the first email in a chain) - I find that Dear is too personal, just the name is too informal, and a complete lack of greeting is (slightly) rude.

  5. Good evening, FrauTech.