Great kid, now don't get cocky

There's something to be said for getting more important and respected in your profession and at your work. You get noticed more, you notice people treat you with more respect and deference than they did before, you're a lot more high profile. There's good and bad to this, obviously the growing plague of more and more meetings and phone conferences being on the bad side. But sometimes you are cruising along like the cat who just ate the canary and someone turns on the vacuum cleaner.
Now you're a scared cat hiding in the corner. Your goofs and mistatements are a lot more high profile now too. You can't hide behind the "well I just work here" when you're supposed to be running a project. Or to quote Spiderman's uncle, with great power comes great responsibility.
And it's tough to take that slap in the face. To know that you, oh great rookie whom much is expected, can also fail and do wrong every now and then. It's a painful reminder of your own humanity. Or to quote from The Philadelphia Story, with the rich and mighty, always a little patience.
You can't let yourself blow up like a balloon just because you're a rising star. That balloon rubber is awfully thin material and punctures easily. You'll need a thick skin for when you get blamed for other people's mistakes as often as you get blamed for your own. I think it's easier getting yelled at for something you didn't do than for something you know you goofed on. Even if you think you didn't know any better at the time you keep telling yourself you should have known better. I had this same problem more than a year ago and I've apparently learned nothing since. I'm trying to tell myself that on the inside a little humility is a good thing. But on the outside, I need to put my shield up and be ready to take no prisoners.

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  1. Anonymous18:34

    I give the dudes a taste of their medicinal shit every now and then, and they usually unleash a torment of hell on me going back well over a decade. It's quite fun. Really. Never-ending game of tag. They don't like it when I play their own shitty game back at them. Poor babies, boo hoo. They think they win because all the dudes line up on their side. Duh. But I have the info they want and the publications they wished they had. I keep hearing from them about how I shouldn't be successful, they don't know how I did this and that. But it's really that I didn't ask their fuckin permission, and that I don't give a flying fuck what they thought of me. I succeeded right in front of them, for years, and they couldn't stop me. That's what pisses them off.

    Dr. Crazy had a nice post on hostility to research that really resonated with me. It's not that cockiness sets in. SUCCESS SETS IN, and that's what THEY wanted. They want it handed to them. I EARNED IT BITCHEZ.

    Take no prisoners.