Wear to Work Wednesdays #12

I was looking around online when I stumbled upon these new 9-5 looks from Nordstrom. This one caught my eye and then my eye caught the price tag and rolled into my head. Something in the range of $700+ not including the pants that apparently aren't for sale anymore.

So this week's outfit is using this as inspiration but hopefully using some slightly more economical choices (though for me still on the pricey side, but a girl can dream.)

This sweater from Banana Republic ($80) with this striped tee underneath from J Crew ($45). I liked the darker shirt underneath, swapped the dark and light emphasis from the Nordstrom look, and dropped the belt in favor of a more fitted sweater.
Pair with these wide leg trousers from Lands End ($20!), this great chunky bracelet from Amazon ($20) and these affordable and comfortable looking platform sandles from Old Navy ($32). All together that's $197. Certainly not on the cheap side of clothing life, but a lot more reasonable than Nordstrom's overpriced outfit and with all the same feel and class. All right you, get back to work!

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