Shut 'er down

It's time to close a chapter in my life. After spending maybe $50,000+ to become an engineer I've decided to find a more lucrative opportunity: plumbing. I've talked about plumbing on this blog before, so you'll know why I have a genuine interest in it. It's not that I can't take the sexist crap or the unfair treatment or the daily battle just to keep my head above water it's that I'm not sure I can do this anymore. Sure, designing things in CAD and testing hardware had its appeal but all this time I've been harboring a secret love of plumbing.
I'm planning to start my own business, maybe something like Keeping Your Water Running Regularly or We Fix Your Shit whichever one does better with the focus groups. I keep reading that plumbers make more than engineers which I think is total bullshit so I'm ready to cash in on that. Plus it can't be all that difficult, right? I mean for heaven's sake, I'm pretty much a rocket scientist so this is going to be easy. A super easy payoff.
I'll still blog here, but it'll all be about plumbing or maybe about golf which I plan to take up as a new hobby. No more adorable pictures of cats because that's probably killing my plumber's cred. Here's to a new life.


  1. chall11:03

    Need someone who can replace sheet rock (or however that is spelled)? I can work on a new career myself....

    maybe we can combine it into something "women with tools" and have cheerleader uniforms or something? ^^

    (I'm not having the best of days. sorry)

  2. Anonymous13:59

    I'm gonna move to Finland with MsPhD, and we're gonna start a band. We're both musically-inclined, so Gaga better watch her ass.

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