It's one of those days where you've been assigned some horrible list-making, power point embellishing tasks. You're an engineer. You'd rather be writing about your injector failure and actually get something accomplished from that day you spilled fuel all over yourself. ("Is that you?" "Yes, it's my new fragrance, Eau de Diesel.")
So you can't even wrap your mind around this atrocity that will reduce all your carefully crafted test plans to a few business-y slides with some clipart cause some guy in a suit wants some justification for what you're doing next week. Instead you're thinking about cookies, and structural integrity. And you're thinking, what kinds of cookies would make a better building material? Clearly oatmeal has its advantages, and chocolate chips tossed in would make a better strengthening mix than raisins for sure.
And then you find out someone's making this android-linked coffee machine recognizes you from your phone, plays your music, and brews the cup of coffee you want it to. Or maybe that's how the robots want us. Nice and relaxed, too coked out on our coffee to resist them. Hello! Skynet anyone? I don't think that powerpoint's getting done today. Better to wait for Our Robot Overlords anyways, they'll probably have their own markups of my presentation.

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