I became an engineer for this?!

I haven't always been the smart and talented pseudo-engineer you see before you (and I've never been modest). At one time in my career I did the dirty work; cabling. Nobody becomes an electrical engineer and thinks "I know, I'm going to design cabling systems and draw schematics!" No no no. You're probably thinking robots. Big, scary, zombie-killing robots. And nobody becomes a mechanical engineer to put together cable parts on a drawing. You were probably thinking badass jet engines or missiles or rockets or what a Transformers movie would've been like if Michael Bay hadn't fucked it up. Twice.
Then there's this terrible void inbetween; electro-mechanical devices. Much like Dante's Purgatorio it is all stillness and emptiness and boringness (is that a word?). Electrical engineers try to pass it off to mechanical engineers and vice versa. Engineering is all about passing the buck. You do your bare minimum within the confines of your responsibility and then pass off the project to somebody else with some quick justification as to why it's now their problem, I mean project. So like a dinosaur lingering too close to a tar pit I sometimes get pulled back into this morass of electro-mechanical devices with their silly wires and ridiculous rules of heatshrink and sleeving. Like apparently nobody appreciates it when my power cables spark and everything explodes, even if there's an action star nearby to run away from it in slow motion. So there you are staring at line after line on your drawing thinking: if I had wanted my work to be this tedious, I'd have become a software engineer! Have I insulted enough engineers in one day? Yes? What are your pet peeves for least favorite tasks oh dear reader(s)?


  1. Off topic, but when I read this post all I could think of is what a former colleague used to say - "The day you have to muck around with the cables behind your machine is always the day you happen to be wearing pantyhose." (And it's so true. I know if I dress up it's inevitable that something will go kaboom).

  2. Haha that is great and so true. The day you wear a heel is the day you're walking laps around the warehouse as well.

  3. Let me insult my own branch of engineering: no one goes in to structures to check rebar shop drawings.