McChrystal gets told, Iraqis aren't cold

That photo almost looks like Obama is grabbing General McChrystal's boob. But I'm pretty sure he's about to do some kind of impressive martial arts or maybe a force push to slam McChrystal into the wall. When your Generals are treating Rolling Stone magazine like it's their personal therapy session or think gabbing and gossiping like talk show guests is cool you have a problem. McChrystal is no better than all the dumbasses who tweet about their boss or facebook-status complain about their company and he deserves the axe more than anyone laid off this year does. However, I'm sure he won't be too hard hit as he'll probably have his own hit Fox TV show before the year is out.
In other war news, an Iraqi minister decided to be the fall guy for continuing electricity problems in Iraq. Seven years later and these guys still can't turn on a frickin lamp reliably. I guess it's no surprise the country that didn't bother to fix its levees, isn't doing anything about global warming, can't stop our ocean from turning into a life-killing oil well, and can't seem to get a joint strike fighter built on schedule or make a simple decision about which fueling tanker to use. I mean for [deity]'s sake, the Chinese built this:
And seven years later we can't turn on the lights for the Iraqis? I bet we could squash this insurgency once and for all if these young and unemployed kids had video games. They'd be like me every Saturday: pale, fat, avoiding sunlight, getting "achievements" on my Xbox, and too damn lazy to go do anything. But here's where I'm not sympathetic.
But even with the generators, you can't run air conditioners - only fans at best. So you talk to Iraqis and they just talk about how miserable it is and how it is so difficult for the elderly, the young, or the sick. And now that security has improved in much of the country, people are rightly asking: Why can't you fix this?
Really, Iraq? You're complaining because all you have are some fans? I mean I think it's pretty damn lame you can only run your electricity a few hours a day. But please don't complain about not having AC. I don't have AC in my house or my car and have not for 20+ years. I live in the desert and I am doing just fine. You want AC stop fighting each other, get some frickin industry and get it the way the rest of us get it: at work. I'm ready to go lay all the blame you want on the crappy engineering in the US of A, because we certainly can't help ourselves so why the hell would we help you. But please, AC? I wasn't pulling for a "cut and run" strategy anytime recently, but now I sure as hell think we should get outta there. You'll get your shitty infrastructure the same way we do; by the skin of our teeth or never.

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