Fog of Warhammer

Any day now they're going to figure me out. I have what you might call imposter syndrome. But not so much about work anymore. I've decided not to care if they think I'm competent or smart. Because who cares. The way they pay me would seem to imply they don't so what the hell should I worry about that anyways.

No I'm worried somebody's going to figure out I'm not a real adult. I do all these things on the outside that make it seem that way, but honestly I'm just faking. Sure I own a house, I work a full time job, and I just finished up my last final exam for the quarter.

But I'm worried someone's going to walk into my house and find the kitchen a mess. It's Thursday and we're out of spoons again. Or see my table covered in two months worth of mail. The threadmill's got blankets on it and hasn't been used since January. I've only eaten vegetables once this week. But instead of fixing it all I can do is wait in fear that someone's going to figure me out.

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  1. That's hilarious! I feel this way all the time.