BP, Coffee, and Tears

I haven't talked much about the BP oil spill. Because it's tremendously depressing. And I feel the mainstream media outlets are doing an excellent job at showing you once adorable birds covered in oil and doing miserably. And the fact that BP or the platform builder had no real plans for catastrophic failure is disheartening.

But not surprising. I do work for an engineering company, I know how the "this won't happen to us" mentality is there, how the most inexpensive solutions are looked for, how it's about putting out little fires and ass covering and not about making big improvements ahead of time or seeing little problems before they become big problems. Probably a symptom of corporate america (capitalism?) moreso than engineers. Just goes to show engineers are people too, and no smarter than your retarded mortgage banker or your SEC regulator or your Ivy league educated Presidents (pick any). And I'm no chemical engineer, and certainly can't comment on the validity of their solutions or the timetable or anything. But tip of the hat to Evil HR Lady for this great video:

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