Wish I could say I knew it

Thanks to Dr. Isis I've been clued into the fact that Garrison Keillor is a bigoted douchebag. I must have spent the last month under a rock because despite the fact that I am an avid NPR listener this is the first I heard about it. And let me just say I might be the only one, but I've always hated Garrison Keillor. He has such an annoying voice. He sounds like he's salivating all over the microphone. And he reads all this inane poetry and all this crap that he's written himself and tries to pass it off as anything better than his projectile vomiting all over the room. I can't stand his honky-tonk style sing-a-longs. I hate how in his little plays he's always the dashing lead and yet you can tell he's some arrogant, pompous and backwards old man. I've hated him for years. And now finally I can take my hate public. I'm going to guess by his Prairie Home Companion movie that he's got tons of chic friends in Hollywood and probably plenty of NPR listeners who appreciated his crappy little show and his antics. But every year I hope he'll get taken off the air so I don't have to turn NPR off every time his self-promotion event comes on the air. And if I'd gone off on a rant on him six months ago, I'd probably be called crazy or out of touch or without taste (I'm probably all of these things anyways). But finally, my uncontrolled disgust of this man has a legitimate foundation.

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  1. Casey19:39

    The sad thing is, the last two paragraphs of his writing are actually decent, deeply human commentaries on what the spirit of Christmas actually should be about, mixed with humor. It's just the first bunch that are stupid.

    Of course, in his rant about "Silent Night," he forgets that it was originally in German, and the literal translation of the German is quite different from the English version. The first verse:

    Silent night, holy night
    All is sleeping, alone watches
    Only the close, most holy couple
    Blessed boy in curly hair
    Sleep in heavenly peace!