Pope Tweets, Youth Finds Bible More 'Awesome' in 140 Characters or Less

So the Pope suggested his posse adopt new media; as in, be not adverse to social networking or blogging. I think this is great, because the only thing holding me back from joining Facebook is that it's just not worth it if I can't be Facebook Friends with the Pope. I know people like to criticize the Pope; certainly he's been anti-Vatican II so why not Web 2.0. But I thought he had at least one nugget of wisdom (emphasis mine) in this story:
The 82-year-old pope has often been wary of new media, warning about what he has called the tendency of entertainment media, in particular, to trivialize sex and promote violence, while lamenting that the endless stream of news can make people insensitive to tragedies.
I don't think that's untrue. There was that study that showed that violent video games delay people from helping others (thanks Ed Yong). Keep in mind, I'm pretty pro-"violent videogames" here, but I do think our society has a tendency to say violence is good and to oversexualize our youth while creating impossible standards for both genders.
At any rate (a phrase with which every woman in my family uses to move on to a new point), I look forward to Papal Tweets.

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  1. Casey12:07

    "trivialize sex and promote violence..." He's just unhappy that they're stepping on the Bible's turf.