-My statistics professor refers to events on a Venn diagram as potatoes. So in using that to explain something else he kept talking about "potato space" which is a great mental image.
-I referred to my brain, out loud, as my mind box.
-I think it's rude* to go on and on about your EXTREME sports activities over the weekend to someone who is disabled and obviously lacks the opportunity to participate in said sport. Especially when you're just answering the question "How've you been?"
-Please don't talk about your infections, rashes, boils, blisters or puss within my hearing distance. This is not work-appropriate banter.
-Just because you are having problems printing at home does not mean "there's a whole mess of problems with having different operating systems" or that "it's that 64-bit thing". Hello?! Note how we use multiple operating systems at work and we're all able to print just fine? You know why? Because the people who run our systems are not as retarded as you, you f-ing troglodyte. I don't expect you to understand the technology, but please don't confuse your ass with your mouth and start lecturing others like you have a f-ing clue. Cause you don't.
*Results not typical.


  1. Casey14:32

    So my guess would be that you're not having a good day today.

  2. Oops, am I that transparent?