Not a good swimmer

What am I supposed to do when I see that flooded sign, huh? Do I stop? I'm on a two lane two-way side street and there's a sign and I think great, am I about to drive into a swimming pool? PANIC!
The good news is, the car got to jump like a two year old in a variety of deep puddles whose corresponding spray as I passed through was taller than the car itself. The bad news is drivers in this city do not bother slowing down for rain. This is all fine and dandy normally but given that this is Rain with a capital R for once, I maybe would've been better off inflating a raft and floating home. The best part was sitting at a stop light and watching a recycling bin and all its (buoyant) contents floating along rapidly the next lane over like it had some place to go. Some guy's going to be like, WTF happened to my recycling bin?

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