No Really

I hate it when people ask me point blank questions that there's no way to not answer. Especially about other people that I don't care about. Because then I end up having to explain that Jim is no longer working on this project and then they ask me why. And I have to tell them that Jim's dog died. When really? I don't care. Because Jim is an a-hole. But if when they ask why I say, "I don't care, Jim's a douchebag" they'll probably decide I'm a hateful person and never cooperate with me again. And if I say, "What, I look like Jim's keeper to you?" They'll decide that I hate them personally and never cooperate with me again. So there I am, relating someone else's story with as much stoic ambivalence as I can muster. And it's annoying. You know why I sound like I don't care? Because I don't. Now go away and leave me alone.

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