Weekend Projects

Cleaned out my garage this weekend. I'm getting ready to build my workbench (Chris Gammell working on his this weekend helps the inspiration). Of course when you start digging through your garage you find all these pieces you saved for some other project you haven't even started yet. Notably the nice fabric to reupholster my dining room "bar" chairs. Given to us by my inlaws when we moved in they were really perfect for the backside of the countertop in the kitchen. But the seats themselves had seen better days.
That's cat fur all over the top of it and a huge tear in the side with the foam trying to battle its way out. My parents had given me this great selection of fabric to choose from so I went with this nice black patterned fabric. Now I think the seats make the chairs look more obviously worn, but it's starting to look like adults actually live in this house instead of a few rejects from the Lord of the Flies.
Pretty good for free, right? Also if someone's looking for a server rack you can stop by my garage, because I have one I really need to get rid of. There's a limit to projects and what you think you will do with the items you save, after a while you just have to give up for the sake of a cleaner garage. I'll post more garage pictures later when the workbench construction starts, but that's for another weekend.

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  1. Don't you people ever keep cars in garages?!