Blogging about STEM

With all this talk about women science bloggers a few have been mentioning a problem. That it seems as if women who blog about science do not get the same attention/audience that men who blog about science. And that women who may start off blogging about science will eventually be compelled to blog about women in science. So I was curious where I stood on the balance.
From the pie chart (mmmmpie) I'm actually surprised how much engineering fills up my posts. Of course this is post only, not based on reaction/audience. And I'm surprised how little bitching about work is in there. The women thing I did not foresee when I started blogging but it's something I have strong opinions about so it doesn't bother me it's part of the balance. Clearly I'm not blogging about my cat enough.
If any readers/commenters would like to pipe up with suggestions or what they'd like to see more/less of, go right ahead! Like I told my professor today in lecture after he criticized my design and then pseudo-apologized, go ahead, I can take it!


  1. So how come you stopped with the what-I-wear-to-work posts? I actually thought that was interesting; maybe it's the voyeur in me.

  2. Just slacking on that as it takes a bit of thought. But ironically I had been thinking of putting one together this week. Ask and ye shall receive!

  3. Anonymous08:43

    I like the posts about techno advances and how things work. I wouldn't read stuff like that anywhere else.