Procrastination bonus +2

I thought I'd make some progress on my work bench this weekend, but doesn't look like it's going to happen. I'll be working in the shop on campus tomorrow and will post if I get anything interesting. But if I just end up sewing all day again (yes my project is like that) than I won't bother. Meanwhile, love this video which reminds me I might need to go out and buy stuff as I'll soon no longer have access to a campus shop anymore.

Want and want. Btw for you sparkies who read this, is $25 and $200 for a function generator and a oscilloscope respectively good deals? Not sure where everyone gets their stuff, or if I'd even use it (I'd rather have the MIG welder obviously).

But I realize I'm going to have to start thinking about keeping an eye out for these things.

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  1. Jason17:53

    That's not a bad price for the scope. Looks like a Tektronix 465. I would expect to pay anywhere between $150-250. However, I probably would have gone for a DSO instead. Either Tektronix or Pico if you're looking for PC-based.