Weekend at the movies

I saw The King's Speech over the weekend and it was very good. Well, very good if you like an extraordinary cast of excellent British actors, enjoy your history, and are somewhat of an anglophile or take an interest in the British royals. I recommend it if you think you might fit into one of these categories. It was rated R, apparently for language I'd have to guess, but if you're okay with language and have a teen or adolescent who enjoys these sorts of things I think you'd have no problems taking them to it.
Then I watched An Education on Netflix which is somehow rated PG-13. It was all right, not as good as a lot of other movies but not bad either. I enjoy a lot of the British actors who were in it and there wasn't a whole lot of sexual scenes or anything but given the adult themes of the movie I had to wonder how something like that gets a PG-13 but something else with too many uses of the f-word gets an R.
At the theatres watching The King's Speech a preview came on and I got rather excited. It appeared it was going to be this year's Apollo 13, but instead about the moon landing. The quality looked good, there were all the engineers watching at NASA, and some dramatic shots of the astronauts. Turns out it was some cheap bullshit to introduce Transformers 3. Fuck you Michael Bay.


  1. Anonymous14:56

    Is that your kitteh? *waves at kitteh*

    I'll second the FU to Bay. Wanker.

  2. I see Mr. Darcy has been promoted to the King of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland and her various dominions and colonies.

  3. Yes that is TechCat, looking disapprovingly at Michael Bay.

    Fluxor- it's even more weird than that, his speech therapy coach is Captain Barbosa and his father, King George V, is Dumbledore!