Design Fridays: Starbucks Logo

The picture above shows the ever changing face of a Starbucks cup of coffee. Now there's even a new logo and they are dropping the words. What do you think? I like the efforts to make the logo more simple, but I don't think the Starbucks mermaid has enough strength in brand symbol recognition to stand on its own. And coffee is such a nice word, evoking such wonderful mental images and emotions for us addicts, removing the word seems almost sad.
So +1 for simplicity but -1 for promoting the brand. Any other thoughts on this, what does everyone else think?


  1. Anonymous12:32

    Given I have a few people who are highly judgemental about my Starbucks habit, I'm a bit appreciative. (Of course, they're the only place that makes food without HFCS, so I have justification for my habit...)

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