Today in Asshattery

-Some lowlife manager is lying about women's sex lives where I work. As in telling other people that certain women got their jobs only by sleeping with certain high ranking guys. And that they also slept with a few other guys here. This would be pretty low to "spread" around even if it were true, but alas it is not. What HR would surely dismiss as "shop talk" is actually considered ok, acceptable and true when management leads the behavior.
-I got denied any kind of promotion in a painful way where said person took it personally that I did not enjoy being the lowest paid person in the department and being held to higher standards for advancement than half a dozen people whom I could list by name. Said person chewed me out and implied I'm lucky to have a job right now. Must be all those above average performance reviews I've been getting were just to throw me off.
-You can take away my pride, but you can't take away my LOLz.

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  1. How is that even a remotely appropriate workplace topic? Does this person have absolutely no concept of professionalism?
    Sorry about the raise, hope it works out for you! That sounds incredibly frustrating to me :(