How to turn a good design into a really bad one

  • Invite the guy with a completely unrelated specialty to make redlines and design change suggestions
  • Get some really senior people in on your project, bonus points if they are micromanagers
  • Get the guy who is retired on the job to head the effort
  • Let the stakeholders on the old product have an opportunity to sabotage your design
  • Spend most of your project budget early on with expensive prototype material and conference travel
  • Let someone with an MBA within 100 ft of your design
  • Double your meetings and conference calls when the ones you're already holding don't seem to be achieving progress
  • When it is in its final stages but behind schedule start assigning a bunch of new people to it without any prep
  • Get your engineers to start keeping more lists and spreadsheets to "track progress"
  • Make sure all these lists, spreadsheets and objectives are emailed out to the now oversized project group two times a day
  • Change out your project lead several times if things aren't going exactly as you planned
  • When the vendor fails to deliver as promised continue to fund them but complain to your team that the vendor running behind is their fault
  • Lower your standards for a successful design every few months
  • Start pulling back your support of the project so if it fails you have some plausible deniability

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