Musings on a Driving Lifestyle

Every little kid dreams about driving. Though "my first car..." musings might be limited to those in a middle class lifestyle, driving is certainly a strong part of our culture. And if you live where I live it's a near-necessity. You'd be hard pressed to get and keep a job out here without either your own car or a ride from someone supportive of your employment. The bus does not even stop within two miles of where I work and according to the online trip planner it would take me an hour and forty five minutes to use public transportation to get into work; a 20-30 minute drive.

But I had gotten complacent. I already knew you could count me as one of the people who prefers their commute to any other part of the working day (56% of workers are satisfied with their commute while only 45% are satisfied with their work).

But I had forgotten how much life without a car really sucks. I was driving home today, the joy of final's week, leaving a lot earlier than normal. And I caught the rush of kids walking home from school. I saw the sweaters wrapped around their waists: layering from the cold morning and the cold walk into school. Now sweating in the blistering afternoon heat that already feels like summer. That dry weather where before you can sweat on your face it's burned off. Your backpack straps digging into your shoulders. No escape from the heat. And I realized how lucky I am to have the semi-functional office A/C during the day and then the 60+ mph jaunt home with the shade of my car and the wind providing a necessary break from the outside heat. I remember those days of walking in the heat and I do not miss them.

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  1. Wait, walking in the heat is a problem? It gets warm enough to be unpleasant? I'm moving to where you are... and then complaining bitterly after the novelty wears off :D

    Is it weird that I never daydreamed about having a car when I was a kid? I daydreamed about having a boyfriend chauffer that would drive me anywhere I wanted. I'm not sure what that says about me!