Synergistic Cross-disciplinary Trending

I'm inspired. Fluxor wrote a humorous post on some buzz words he heard around the workplace. If you're looking for more than fluff, go over to Engineer Blogs where I talk about subcontracting for dummies or the art of working with your company's vendors on custom products.
In the meantime, the managerialistic my life becomes the more I get involved in this. And even find myself forced to use the same phrases I can't stand in my email correspondence. So here's some crap I get tired of using (and yet, don't know the workaround):
-Get on the same page
-Touch bases with that person
-Follow-up on that or bird-dog that
-Lines of communication
-We need to have a presence there
-Go make nice with them
-Rally the troops
-We need to massage the message
-I'd like to close that one out
-Are we reading now?
-Oh now we're playing baseball?
-Like that has ever helped do anything but piss someone off, not to mention who the heck in corporate america even knows what a bird dog is?
-Must be a less cheesy way of saying this
-Pointless postering
-Because we're four now?
-Didn't know white collar workers were exactly like battle hardened soldiers
-Shine the shit
-Well we'd all like to clear off our "to-do" lists so yeah, you don't need to tell me
Learn enough phrases and you don't need expertise, you'll fit right in.


  1. "Moving forwards..."

    "Throw some ideas against the wall and see what sticks..." <---I shit you not. Overheard walking past senior management meeting.

  2. Anonymous19:29

    HAHAHA! Sports and soldier analogies, oh how they make me show my fangs.

    They are 4. And they play tee ball. And run yarn lines between paper cups in their tree houses. And play with GI Joe and his parachute.