Admitting Our Weaknesses

I am not entrepreneurial. In fact the whole concept of trying to develop something and sell something is terrifying to me. Academics are even more entrepreneurial than I am in my eyes because they must develop ideas for experiments and apply for grants. Some government scientists and engineers must also do the same.
I was born to be a corporate cog. I'm not saying I've never had an original idea in my life, but the quick flashes of new ideas I've seen in others is not something I possess. Working for myself doesn't sound like a tremendously freeing and rewarding experience. It sounds like an incredibly draining and exhausting experience. I'm also ready to sell my technical soul when asked and go be a highly paid project engineer. I'm willing to do half the work for twice the pay; I'll start whenever you need me.
Sometimes it's a let down. As in sometimes the creative ideas others have in workarounds or new tests we could try make me jealous. But leave me with my spreadsheets and my matlab and I will methodically get to the answer. It won't be new, but it'll work. I can then package that up in a powerpoint or synergistic memo as needed. World needs more cogs. We can't all be snowflakes.


  1. Kate17:05

    I'm there with you. I got my PhD, but probably shouldn't have. I can't come up with new ideas, but I'm really good at taking an idea and making it a reality. I've just started a new job, and I'm thinking that it will be a good fit. I don't think I'll be expected to sit in a room and think shit up.

  2. I like that quote: "World needs more cogs, we can't all be snowflakes."

  3. Anonymous18:54

    I would like less flakes tho, yo!