The friends you make

I mentioned over the weekend I had just come back from some cross country travel. Met some nice folks over there and ate very well. Somewhere along the way I managed to befriend some sort of virus as well.
At first everyone told me it was allergies, which given that there are four distinct seasons over there and a whole mess of pollen might have been believable. But after coming back it never quite went away. So here we are, my Nyquil and me. My coworkers like to schedule work trips around where the best bars and breweries are so they can drink the most possible alcohol on the trip. Me I like to save my drinking until I get back.


  1. Um, any openings where you work? Your coworkers sound like my kind of people (if I don't survive academia, that is). :-D
    -long time lurker, first time commenter

  2. Hope you are feeling better! (Although I hate getting sick, there is always a small part of me that looks forward to the nyquil treatment....that's bad, right?)