Social Networking Mistake or Clever Ploy?

There have been rumours about HP possibly adopting its own cloud infrastructure similar to the services Amazon provides (that were down not so long ago and shut down a lot of popualr sites and services). But HP has been pretty quiet on details or even admitting to developing it.
So when HP's interim VP of Engineering included it briefly on his public LinkedIn profile it caught a lot of attention: "Website and User/Developer Experience. Future HP "cloud" website including the public content and authenticated user content."
So what do we think, HP's clever way of sneaking some information into the public sphere without taking credit for it? Or bumbling pseudo-executive (let's see if he gets past interim) acting typically. I also love the executive's taking credit for job growth ("ramped from 6 to > 120 in less than one year") like hiring is something difficult to do, as well as apparently listing work experience that he hasn't even done yet. Not sure if that's typical cart before the horse executive pseudo-speak or a really interesting move from HP. Probably the former but the latter is more interesting to believe.

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