No, I work harder

In honor of final exams being over, thank the Goddess (yes I'm reading The Mists of Avalon), let's talk final exams. Historiann posted an interesting discussion with some followup. Now Dean Dad has inadvertently picked up the same general idea in a question asked of him. Of interest to me is anonymous who posted in the comments with:
"The bottom line is that faculty jobs aren't 9-5, 50 weeks/year kinds of jobs. I'd love to be able to get all of my responsibilities during the semester done in 40 hours ... The alternative is to have me on a clock -- and pay me overtime."

What, exactly, are these professional jobs that are 9-5, 40-hour weeks, with nothing taken home, that pay overtime?

Every professional I know -- doctors, lawyers, teachers, IT managers, you name it -- works far longer than 9 to 5, either takes work home or is on call, and is not paid overtime.

Incidentally, the local teacher's union is currently making the same complaint -- "you people don't understand: we may have a contractual workday of 6 hours, but we have to TAKE WORK HOME." To which I reply, WHO ON EARTH DOESN'T?
Anonymous could've been me. Except I don't post anonymously (anymore), and would be nicer because I have no spine and worry even about being disliked on the internet by people I don't even know. But I thought the opinion was just one. I know some of you might disagree, I'd be interested in why.

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