I Dream of Heat Exchangers

If I'm working on something intently I tend to dream about it. I don't suppose that's unusual. After watching a lot of Law & Order suddenly my dreams have that sound inbetween all the scenes (DUN DUN...don't lie, all you Law&Order addicts know exactly what I'm talking about). So when I'm working on something equally engrossing and technical I dream about that as well. Whether that's the software logic I was working on a few weeks ago for work, or my Heat Transfer design project that's been keeping me up nights for a while now.

Figure 1 FrauTech Plays With Visio

Earlier in the week my dreams involved me running the equations and not ending up with satisfactory results. Last night having finally finished the project my dreams involved the equations actually working out to realistic completion. Sometimes I feel like I'm about this close to being able to do my homework in my sleep. Anyone else have technical/sciencey dreams?

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