Case of the Mondays

I hate feeling a little ill due to something I ate last night, lack of sleep or something I ate or didn't eat this morning. I hate sitting at my desk trying to keep it together and not vomit all over everyone. I hate having to plug my ears while hearing the same story about hemodialysis that I've heard before twenty times and has never bothered me but now I can't stand to listen to a second of it. And most of all I hate pretending that I'm in an ok mood and not being able to say "i'm not feeling well right now" or "sorry I'm feeling a little sick". Because I'm in possession of uterus.
Because if I have to hear uh-oh, you sure you're not pregnant? I might flip out. When I say "hey, I can be sick without it being pregnancy. This happens to me a lot. Yes I'm sure I'm not pregnant." There's still that empty space, that you're really sure? And a rolling of the eyes.
I feel ill often. Most often after not getting a good night's sleep which when you're in school and working full time happens pretty frequently. I'm sure the three cookies I ate before bed didn't help. It's also possible not having protein with dinner last night was a contributor. This all happens often enough I know how it works. But it doesn't matter why I'm ill, I can just never be ill at work in the mornings or some a-hole will assume it's connected to my uterus. Nothing like being sick and having to pretend you're not, and you're actually feeling fabulous, so I don't get someone commenting on my possible reproduction.


  1. Ugh! That sucks. I feel the same way anytime someone offers me a drink. I don't always want a drink, but if I say no, people are going to wonder if I'm pregnant. Though that's not nearly at bad as feeling sick and having to pretend you feel fantastic. Good luck getting through your Monday.

  2. I hope you are feeling better.

    I'm the same way - if I haven't slept enough my stomach goes on strike. Happens every time I cross timezones too.

  3. Well, it's important for you to be reminded at all times that you are Female. First and foremost.

  4. Thank god for a private office..!

    But, whenever someone asks me if I may be pregnant, for wahtever reason, I just say "No, just fat." That makes them uncomfortable enough to shut the fuck up.

    I feel your pain.