Sprig Cleaning

So I updated my blogroll type links. If you're not on there, and you'd like to be, please leave a comment or email me or something. Yes I actually read all those blogs. I'm open to trying new things so if you read me and think I should read you let me know. If I've fat fingered your URL let me know that too.
Yes, that is a dinosaur playset. It's made out of sprigwood, some natural composite wood meant to be safe for kids. I'm not sure it's factually accurate that the little adventure dude has a 4x4, a fedora, and has made friends with some very happy looking dinosaurs (happy because their meals on wheels arrived?) But you have to admit the dinosaurs are adorable. You know you want the set, don't lie to me. Also, it's good inspiration for my personal mission of getting Jurassic Park released to blu-ray.


  1. Thanks for the add! I'll have to check out some of your links that I haven't read before. :-)

  2. Yay - I'm on your blogroll! Thank you.