Work Travel Redemption

Well it was off again for work travel. Nothing like a boring rental car and a long drive to get you in the mood. Often, the most interesting part of a field trip is not the destination but the journey. Some unexpected view from the highway as you're rumbling along. The actual destination was a scene out of the new videogame, Red Dead Redemption.

The game is an Old West action adventure from Rockstar so naturally each scene is something out of a Sergio Leone film. You can almost hear Enio Morricone's famous western music rolling along with the tumbleweeds or expect to see Clint Eastwood come galloping over the next hill. Just picture it a little flatter and with me in a rental car instead of on a horse (and no cool hat either). There were also a couple impressive views and rock formations along the way. Oh and our hardware test went well. That was the point, right? Well whatever, all I can remember are these gorgeous views.

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