Ich bin durstig

For those that read over at ScienceBlogs you're probably overly familiar with the whole Pepsigate debacle (SciBlogs added a blog without specifying it was actually a corporate funded blog, or paid advertising, in the "blog" section of the page, later added language to let people know it was actually paid for, then later either decided to remove the blog or Pepsi decided to leave. Some bloggers left, some stayed, I woulda stayed but then I'm a corporate toolbox so there ya go).
The whole thing just made me very thirsty all the time. For Coke. Or more specifically, Diet Coke(Diet Coke, Stay Extraordinary).
However, my usual drug of choice is coffee. Office coffee (or flavored water) because it is cheaper than the tasty/fattening stuff at Starbucks or my University's knock-off Shtahbuk. After a few cups of even the watered-down drip stuff I can start to get a little anxious and paranoid (it's entirely possible this is actually just my normal awake state). So I've often wondered, how much coffee is too much coffee? On weekends, Diet Mountain Dew is my caffeine of choice and I can chug those cans down like they are water (actually I think their principle ingredient is water).

Thanks to Mind Hacks, I found this nifty tool for seeing how much of a particular caffeinated substance it will take to kill you by punching in your weight and habit of choice. For me, 66 cups of Starbucks Mocha Lattes, 80 cups of office drip coffee, 210 cans of Diet Mountain Dew, or 270 cans of Diet Coke. I think I'm safe for now.

Note: This blog is not sponsored by and does not receive any payment from Coca Cola, Starbucks, or whoever the hell makes Mountain Dew. However, I would be willing to consider sponsorship or some sort of blogging-for-caffeine arrangement with any one of these fine corporate entities because as stated earlier, I am already a corporate toolbox, so it would be nice to actually benefit from that for once. Thanks.


  1. Mmm...my addiction of choice is chai. I love tea, and nothing makes me happier than loading it up with milk and cinnamon. :-)

  2. Thanks for the link. I calculated today's consumption: 11 caffeinated bevs. But my magic number was 333. I think I'm safe. :)