What do you do for a living?

I was curious what the most common occupations were in the states and as I started to dig through BLS data I discovered they produced the table already. I'm not surprised to see retail at number 1 and food prep and food service at number 4 and waiters at number 6. I guess I'm surprised elementary school teachers even made the list (this is from 2010, I wonder if it will drop for the current year) and very surprised any management type occupation made the list at all: operations managers at number 12. Given the disparity in mean annual salary between that and everything else it seems like not a bad job to get into.
What do you think, does this look like what you thought it would?


  1. I am a little surprised (but not negatively) that RNs have such a high mean salary. I mean 64k/year? It might be with extra money working nights?

    apart from number 12 though, it seems to be fairly low average mean salaries... guess that'll make me more happy about my salary? (Although, I think I would need a fairly big pay raise to make up for the student loans etc... *complaining just a bit from my tower*

  2. I wonder where they get those figures for elementary teachers. Maybe in New York or other coastal cities, they earn something like that. Around here it's more like $25,000/year.