How much of your day do you think you spend actually doing something that is, we'll say, technical. As in you got your degree in engineering, microbiology, whatever. How much of your day (or week, or month) do you spend actually putting to use that knowledge versus maybe auxiliary skills (implementing a design change, writing up a presentation, writing a grant)?


  1. Ha! That's what we hire postdocs for -- they do the actual work, while we write the proposals to get the funding for them.

    I did some technical work the week before last! A rare but fun occasion! :)

  2. A huge part actually, my daily tasks are usually designing my structures, or verifying my colleagues design, or out on site doing my inspections. Less than half of my day is spent on non technical stuffs.

  3. When I did my licensing paperwork I figured out that on average I spend about 25% of my time on "Engineering content". I'm in an Engineering/Sales role though, so it's to be expected that there are a lot of other, non-engineering tasks.