Go over like a lead balloon

DARPA just released its budget for 2011. They're already far into grim science fiction with their programs on Machine Intelligence, Biological Warfare Defense, Network-Centric Warfare Technology, and a whole section in Applied Research on classified programs. But they've really outdone themselves this year (h/t Archy). Wired covered this as well. Here's a snippet from the actual budget:

As others have said, success is unlikely. But I think there's still some need for pause here. I mean really; "similar to a traceable serial number on a hundgun"? Come on, guns don't kill people, zombies do. Amirite? I'm reminded of this informative brochure: How Everything Goes to Hell During a Zombie Apocalypse. Which starts off with this prescient quote:

It all starts with some a-hole scientist doing shit he shouldn't be

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  1. Oh, I remember hearing about this. They want someone to develop a self-replicating organism that never dies (like, of old age, or cancer, etc -- I would guess it could starve to death). "But it's okay, it won't take over the world, because it's got a self-destruct mechanism in it. And nobody can copy it modify it and use it for evil because it'll have a tracker in it.