So let's say I've spent the last n years (where 1 < n < 4) working on piping systems. There's not much to a pipe; you get the standard components and they are portrayed in a diagram with the pertinent length information. I haven't been involved with pipe manufacturing, pipe layout, pipe design or pipe systems. Just the diagrams.
This has been frustrating considering I'm working on my degree and am not directly handling anything that will better aid me once I finish my degree. The interns have, up to this point, been given more applicable experience than me.
So due to the whole kerfuffle I whined about a few posts ago, I was finally given the opportunity to work on incorporating a new piece of pipe systems' hardware (more work for free, as my Mom would say). But it's been a really interesting experience. I'm learning a lot. I haven't contributed a whole lot, but here and there I've been able to get involved on some of the documentation. So using some other pre-written docs I had compiled a written procedure for part of the system use.
Unbeknownst to me, our customer had had some concerns with this system and stopped by to make sure we were running it all up to their standards. So as I was standing and working on other procedure, one of our guys and two customer guys come buy to look over our documentation. And our guy pulls out the packet and goes through it explaining what all we have put together. And there it is, my procedure. And he explains what it is to them and goes through it a little with a convincing familiarity. Let me tell you, I was pleased as punch to see my little procedure there being shown off to these guys like it's something important, and not something I just crammed together. Later I heard the customer was pleased and everything went well. How nice to have contributed to something. Finally.

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